All About the Print Function of MS Word Documents

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All About the Print Function of MS Word Documents

December 5, 2018 MS Office 0

All the MS Office applications are built with advanced features and especially MS Word application has very smart features for printing pages or document parts in any way you need. You can download the Office suite from Here we discuss the various ways of printing an MS Office word page.

Print Required Pages: MS Word application has an option to print page sequences rather than the default option of ‘Print All Pages’.

Print Current Page: Go to the print option and then from preview screen click on the ‘Print Current Page’.

Custom Print: In the print preview window you can see a box under the pull-down list where you can type the pages number which you desire to print. You just have to specify page numbers or page sections in that box to print only that pages.

You can print any random pages by just writing the page numbers with commas to separate the individual page or use hyphens to print a range of pages like:

  • 2-5 will print pages from 2 to 5 all pages
  • 2,3,6,7 will print only pages 2, 3,6, 5 and 7 from the document
  • 5, 8-10, 12 will print only pages 5, 8, 9, 10 and 12 only

You can also print in any random order, just type the pages in the order you need them to print out like:

  • 8-2 will print pages from 8 then 7 down to page 2, in that order
  • 6,3,9,2 will print only these pages and in the same order

Type the number twice if you want to print a page twice like

  • 2, 2, 5 will print page 2 twice than page 5
  • 3, 3, 3- will print page 3 twice then the complete document.

It will be useful if you want various copies of the first page.

Print n to end Pages: It is not compulsory to identify the specific ending page number as you can use any number larger than the total pages in the word document will print all the pages until the end. Or you can do it by putting a dash either before or afterward like in an 80-pages document a page range of 60- will print all the pages from 60 to the end page or you can write it as 50-99 also.

Print 1 to n pages:  Then to print 1 to 50 pages you can write -50 which will print 1 to 50 pages. Also, you can write 1-50 will do the same thing.

Print Odd or Even Pages Only:  It is helpful if you need to manually or automatic print the double-sided document you can also contact us First of all, print the Odd pages, then flip the pages and fill it back into the printer to Print Even Pages.

Print Sections: You can also print by sections like to print from the start to a particular section without knowing the specific page number. For example, you can write s1-s5 to print the first five sections. Section breaks could suit up with chapters so chapter 1 in your document is section 1 for MS Word application.

You can print all sections of a word document if you have included section breaks like

  • s3 will print only section 3
  • s2-s5 will print all sections from 2 to 5
  • s3p2-s3p5 will print all pages from 2 to 5 of section 3
  • s3p2-s5p3 prints from page 2 of section 3 to page 3 of section 5

Generally, MS Word Document printing features are not generating any issues but still if you are facing any related issues and need the support from Microsoft experts then contact them at and we also give support for all Microsoft products.


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